Leia Embroidered Scarf with Straw Boater Hat

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Colorful flowers made by hand embroidery depict a picture of spring freshness over the dark winter season. A fringed border of red emphasizes the natural cascade of the scarf edge while it is being worn.


Scarf Inspired by: the work of local artisans and their skills of hand embroidery. The flower represents renewal, hope, endurance and courage to embrace the transformation life creates on a daily basis. Meanwhile, the bunch of flowers  serves as a reminder of working together in groups and overcoming the dark side of life by lifting each other. It also displays the equality of humankind.


Styling Tips: Both pieces were designed to be worn together or separately. This scarf and hat set was designed for sunny fall or spring days spent in the orchards or the beach, with the scarf being removed and worn as a light shawl once the sun sets and the earth chills. The scarf can be worn on the straw boater hat tied around the chin or simply tied at the back of the hat (with the scarf covering the eyelets) for a more conventional look. The vibrant flowers make this a great addition to a white t-shirt and jeans, a blazer and dress or even to complete a winter look.


Meanwhile, the natural straw boater hat can be worn with the hand embroidery scarf or with your own silk scarf or ribbon.


Hat by Myaraa Details: Sustainably sourced straw is hand woven and sewn into a classic boater hat by experienced female artisans in the Myaraa workshop located in India. The artisans personally collect straw from local wheat fields, using high quality natural materials that are left in the fields after the farmers harvest the wheat. By paying their workers fair wages, Myaraa's founder, Namrata Lodha, is leading the fashion industry with a more ethical, sustainable and fair supply chain that starts with sourcing the fiber and the artisans that harvest these fibers and eventually turn them into an expertly made, light summer hat.


Materials: Natural Straw | 100% Silk (& 100% Cotton Silk both options available)

Scarf Size: 60" x 6.5" | Hat Size: 3.5" brim 

Scarf Made in the India | Hat Made in India

Scarf and Hat are both made by local female artisans that are getting paid fair wages for their labor.

Approximate Measurements of the hat:
Brim Size:3  inches
Head Height: 3inches
Head Circumference:23 inches
Head circumference can adjusted from the inside to fit your head size. Please refer to Hat Adjustment page.




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