At Myaraa, we believe that every step we take to move our style quotient ahead should be accompanied by two steps taken towards making our planet better. We act on this core principle of ours by incorporating two pillars of thought while making our product: Sustainability and Women Empowerment. 

The process of how our hats are created is an example of fine craftsmanship fueled by the hunger to save the planet. The innovation that drives our business finds inspiration in Nature itself. Our founder, Namrata Lodha is a native of the town of Harda, Madhya Pradesh (in India). Hailing from a family that regularly organizes events with an intention to give back to the society, Namrata loves to interact with the locals and understand their work. She observed that there are many wheat farms in the area, and after the grains have been harvested, the local artisans (Karigars) use the remaining wheatgrass to create baskets, simple tools and handicraft items. The rich artistic brilliance of the rural folk always lured her towards these products. However, on a trip to the United States to meet her children, she saw several people wearing hats of a material that resembled the wheatgrass of Harda, modelled in different shapes and sizes. And thus, the seed of entrepreneurship was planted in her mind. With an intent to harvest the remains of the wheatgrass into a business of producing the finest hats, Namrata built a team of skilled rural craftsman to create Myaraa, a wholly sustainable, eco-friendly and vegan hat brand. Hats that, with their natural straws, give people the opportunity to reset and return to their roots. All of this, while offering an incredible and unmatched level of personalization.

But that was just the beginning. For a 52-year-old woman, who has been a homemaker for the last 30 years, building a business has its own share of problems. But Namrata believes that the 21st century woman is capable of writing her story, making her rules and paving her path beyond the limitations of society. And with Myaraa, she decided to serve as the empowering light for countless women who are widowed or boycotted from society because of inter-caste marriages. These women form an integral part of Myaraa’s artisan force, and we are proud of their contribution towards making Myaraa a product that is local in production, but world-class in quality. Also, we donate 5% of our profits towards the welfare of rural women, including providing them the necessities of clothing, food and basic education. We aim to empower them to become the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.