The Do's of maintaining of a Hat

- Rest your hat upside down:
Rest your hat upside down to preserve the natural curves of its brim.

- Adjust your hat by the brim:
Put on, lift up and adjust your hat by holding the front and back of the brim with your fingers.

- Use a hat stand:
If your hat goes unworn for periods of time, use a hat stretcher to maintain the shape of its headband - an empty oatmeal or coffee canister can be a rudimental stand as well.

The Don’ts of maintaining a Hat

- Don't overexpose your hat to water:
Although hats are made to withstand rain and moisture, they may discolor or lose shape when overexposed. Dry your hat by resting on its crown with the headband flipped out.

- Don't expose your hat to heat:
Leaving your hat under the sun, or in a hat area could cause the leather headband to shrink. Don't use a hairdryer to dry your hat, it's best to let it dry at room temperature.