Meet the founder,

Namrata Lodha

Namrata Lodha, Founder & Head Designer started Myaraa,at the age of 52, in a drive to make sustainable accessories fun again. This entrepreneurship journey, started in a living room, with a germ of an idea, to reintroduce, the concept of hats, as an accessory, but with a unique design element in it, and grew into a social, media, community, with customers in over 50 countries, across the world from Germany to Australia.


Her inspiration was initiated from my own backyard in Madhya Pradesh, where she grew up in Harda, India. There are many wheat farms in the area, and after the grains have been harvested, the local artisans use the remaining wheat grass to create baskets, simple tools, and handicraft items made from it. Inspired by the natural grass fiber baskets, and tools from my childhood home in Madhya Pradesh India.

Style Design

Namrata started designing these hats with the same material, making it good for the planet. Today Myaraa’s hats are designed in a combination of Indo-Western styles and personalised with your name, message, or occasion. We are constantly looking to experiment, with different raw materials, and grass types, to create new hats and style them.

Thanks for being part of our journey.